Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tweet Tasting 1 - 17th January

The 17th January saw the Manchester Whisky Club's first official tasting.

As part of the membership pack each member received 2 'mystery drams' to use in conjunction with this.
The whiskies contained within were kept a secret until each had been tasted.

We stared off with Mystery Dram 1 - Light in colour and initially sweet nose. Here's what some of the guys said about it.


Hint of vanilla mixed with lemon... tinge of honey, but it's giving it a sweetness, not heavily scented..  - @The_Lady_Sybil

Nose is citrusy - a little white wine-y, but a sweetness as well.  -@Javidx9


  honey on the tip of the tongue, slight lemony bite. That's good, easy going stuff - @The_Lady_Sybil

There's a sweetness that reminds me of barley sugar boiled sweets.   -@RikGarner

Ok dram 1, heather honey, easy to drink sweet ending with a hit of spice.  - @KatharineSully

  I'm impressed, guessing its a mid age lowland? Great nose, really smooth in the mouth, opens up nicely with water! Yum -@ChrisKnighting

This whisky was the anCnoc 12 yr old (40%) retailing at around £27. A fantastic value for money Speysider

On to dram 2


Richer, lots of runny caramel scent, vanilla, nice kick of spice. I have a feeling I'm going to love this one... - @The_Lady_Sybil

lots going on in this one, but I can't put a name to any of those scents!  - @alcothusiast

Mystery Dram 2 - Nose, summer fruits this time, and christmas pudding.  - @Javix9

 dram 2 is more minty, caramel, wood and polish and just a bit spicy  -@ChrisKnighting


Dram2 taste. Rich and nutty, with a brown sugar/treacle hint.#MCRWC  - @Javidx9

Vanillia from the wood, I do like the sharp spike of ethanol.- @KatharineSully

 Like it. Very complex. Salty on entry. Reminds me a bit of Balvenie, but I don't think it is...  -@alcothusiast

This was revealed to the tweeters as being the Whyte & Mackay 13yo blended whisky (40%) retailing at around £20 this is a great everyday blend that has a lot to offer.

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